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The Bambalapitiya Flats, Colombo 4, Sri Lanka

Ninth Flatters and Friends Get-together - Friday, September 21st. 2018 at The DBU, Colombo, Sri Lanka

The Ninth Flatters and Friends Get-together Held on Friday 21st September 2018

At the DBU Hall in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Comments from Flatters and Friends who attended.

  • Got up early after the great night of excitement! Met so many people with so many memorable stories recalled! Many thanks to you , Everad H and Tony E and the others involved in organising this event. Apologise for not saying goodbye to you yesterday as I could not find you. Regards, Sanga
  • I personally like to thank Kumar, Everard and Tony for the great show put out for all of us old Flatters to meet after many years of our life on the 21st September 2018 in SL for the first time. We greatly appreciate the time and efforts you guys have spent making this a very enjoyable and fun filled evening of memories that we will carry forward in life. Also would like to thank all the old Flatters who travelled from all corners of the world to kindle our past and future friendships.My thanks also goes out to Sriyantha Rajapakse and Herman Gunasekera for coordinating the event in SL. Hope all of u that came down will enjoy the rest of your trip in SL and even drop by at the flats to say hello Lucky Ranchigoda 0773291121 or 2584820
  • Just a note to thank you very much for organizing the event, it was wonderful meeting all the old flatter after so many years. Really great event and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Once again thanks a million and helping in getting me the tickets to make the party. Take care and best regards. Dara
  • Our sincere thanks and congratulations on organizing a most enjoyable evening. The food, music, comradeship and for enabling all of us to meet friends after nearly half a century.Kindly accept the fees I paid for Mervyn and self. Hopefully it will cover some of the cost associated with maintaining the website. Wish you safe travel back to Australia. Warm personal regards. Bertie
  • It was a great evening, we enjoyed it all, well worth the effort of coming over from the UK, my wife & sis-in law were quite intrigued by the whole event. A big "thank you" to you & all the other committee folk who made it all happen. My very best regards Tony Labrooy
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  • Pics sent by Tony Labrooy

Bertie Mervyn_001.jpg

Bertie and Mervyn

DBU Fare going down well_001.jpg

Enjoying Dinner

Everard Mervyn thank you speech_001.jpg

Everard and Mervyn

Sriantha Rajapaksa Tony LaBrooy carl Fernando_001.jpg

Sriantha, Tony and Carl

  • It was a wonderful evening, meeting up with old friends from yesteryear!! It was very well organized and we wish to sincerely thank Everard, Tony and yourself for making the Colombo get together a reality. Many thanks to Sriyantha too for the local arrangements. Thanks again Kumar. God bless you all. Nimal and Vasantha Jayasooriya
  • I was so looking forward to this event and how pleased I was with how the way the evening turned out. Amazing how well it was put together by just a few living so far away. I am thankful to Sriantha my school mate and neighbour and friend for connecting me with you and the others. The special moments shared in reminiscing incidents of the past was what really brought back those wonderful times we had in the Flats in the late 50's and 60's and even the 70's. Meeting neighbours whom I had not seen for decades made a huge impact and I went home that night on a high note which lasted the whole week end. DBU was well chosen the food and music just right for us. The company at the table was excellent and a good time I believe was had by all. We remembered absent friends and missed them very much. Thank you Kumar and the team. Warm Regards, Mohan Mendis
  • Hi Kumar it was a Great night and thank you for organizing if the place was bigger more flatter s would have join. I had a great time except a bit embarrassed getting kicked out from other people's tables other than that, it was lovely evening. Tara Biyanwila
  • Thanks a lot for sharing Kumar. It was a great party. My sincere thanks to all involved in organizing that gigantic task! Wish we could meet more from G and H blocks, may be next time. Indira Silva
  • All old Flatters raise our hats to Kumar, Everad and Tony for the great night we had together, We also love the fact that Many Flatters came down to SL from all corners of the world and was so thrilled to find all those beautiful faces lost for many years. I thank all those who traveled Many miles from overseas as well as those who came locally. My special thanks to Kumar for all the time spent and the dedication to Bamba Flatters to keep us all networked together for many years. God bless the Bamba Flatters and the three of you and Sriyantha and Herman for making this night a success. Mark (Lucky) Ranchigoda
  • I am sorry I could not make it for the get together. My thoughts were there with everyone that day, you can be sure. I am looking forward to seeing more pictures. Hope you will be posting more. Great job organizing this event. Congratulations. Warm regards Roshie Uduman
  • Thank you to Everard, Tony and yourself for yet again organising such a great get together, this time around in Sri Lanka. It is always nice to catch up with old friends and remember the happy times we all had growing up in the flats. I appreciate the work that goes into organising such an event, and we are most grateful. Until the next time.....Kind regards Wendy Welch
  • Hi Kumar, I see my name on a few comments in appreciation of what I am supposed to have done. I don't deserve even 'a tenth' of what you have done to have made this a reality. You are a perfectionist man, and I realise how stressed you get over organising such events and feel for you. A big hug and thank you for all your efforts. My thanks to Everard and Tony and of course, all the wives and partners for putting up with the Committee! My wish is that you guys give Colombo one last Get-together -one last hurrah and make it the biggest ever calling it 'Coming Home' ! You will agree that people overseas will need at least a year's notice to plan out a visit. Please give this a serious thought. Once again, thanks for everything buddy. My one regret is that I was down with a chest infection and couldn't enjoy it the way I wanted to, yet I wouldn't have missed it for anything and was so happy to catch up with the people who had come down. Great effort, Great Fun Thanks again. Herman G
  • A wonderful job done by the committee and others who helped. I agree with Herman, we should have another one in Colombo. Maybe have it in a resort for a couple of days !!!!! I met some after more than 30 years and I cannot find words to describe the feeling. My only regret is that, I could not spend more time with some..and That was a factor.. I had migraine and that did not help.. Thanks heaps to you, Everard and Tony for uniting us. Best Wishes Iqbal.
  • Thanking you Kumar and committee for the wonderful evening we spent on that day. We met quite a lot of old friends whom we have not met for long years and shared our good old memories. Thank you once again for the nice time we had. Regards, Sriyantha Rajakaruna.
  • Dear Kumar & the organizing committee. It was a good effort by you all and we enjoyed it. Thanks & Rgds Baratha, Sriyani & Amaal