Flatters Contributions

From time to time I receive articles and information which should be shared with all flatters.They will be linked from this page

I have now turned this page upside down. The lastest contribution is on the top

11/03/2011Sandy the unsung Hero by Baratha MendisClick Here
15/03/2011Flatters at Rugby and Soccer by Baratha MendisClick Here
04/11/2010Do you remember these names and places - sent in by Suresh PereraClick Here
08/08/2010Flatters Create History by Baratha MendisClick Here
27/03/2010Article in Daily News featuring Mohan Bhagwandas - http://www.dailynews.lk/epaper/?id=6&tday=2010/03/27
04/02/2010Sporting Personalities of the Flats by Nihal GunewardeneClick Here
04/02/2010The Bamba we knew Chapters 1 - 4 Contributed br Hiran FernandoClick Here
31/01/20101942 Colpetty 1800+? Galle Road Main Street Pettah Contributed by Gamini AbeyewardeneClick on street name
04/01/2010Sri Lanka Sept. 2009 Presentation - Contributed bt Dawn PereiraClick Here
22/12/2009Sports - Contributed by Baratha MendisClick Here
28/11/2009Down Memory Lane - Contributed by Baratha MendisClick Here
22/10/2009Rare images of Sri Lanka Part 2 - contributed by Kamy LyeClick Here
16/10/2009Ceylon in the 1890's - contributed by Suresh PereraClick Here
10/10/2009http://www.island.lk/2009/10/09/opinion6.html- Click on link
Bambalapitiya Flats Then and Now - by Gamini Silva forwarded by Delano Uduman
09/09/2009Ode to Bamba - by FazliClick Here
08/09/2009Why was the Bambalapitiya Flats so famous - by Kamy LyeClick Here
08/09/2009http://www.dailynews.lk/2009/09/08/fea02.asp- by Mangala Jayatunge
08/09/2009How We Grew Up In Sri Lanka - contributed by Iqbal FuadClick Here
24/03/2012When boys caught ornamental fish in the canal by Naresh WilliamsClick Here