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  • Wonderful achievement, it has certainly brought immense value and nostalgia to all of us ex flatters and neighbors without a doubt. Thanks to you and the rest who rallied round to support the cause. Fazli S 03/09/12
  • Mate you have done an excellent job over the years and all old Flatters have got to be ever so grateful to you for all the time and effort and midnight oil you have burnt and still going forward. Roger B
  • Congratulations! It was indeed a stupendous effort and as someone had mentioned, ‘you are a smart cookie’ ! Herman G
  • I agree you have done a marvelous job with the web site even though you call it amateurish,had you not said so, I though it was quite professional. Ajit A
  • Congratulations on this 3rd and wonderful year of the bamba flats website. nothing better can happen to the flatters and friends than bringing your idea of putting this website together and connecting friends from all over the globe. how ever bamba flats has been thee place no matter if it comes to politics, sports, fashion, talent or entertainment, bamba flats was always on top. thanx to you for keeping this website going, i know it is an enormous job done by you and your family to keep this website up to date. i say a BIG thank you to all of you again and again. Kamy L
  • Congratulations and continued success to the web site. You deserve much credit for this initiative and vision in starting this site. Upali O
  • Wonderful work! We are so proud of your achievements, please keep up the good work. All the way from Kathmandu I send my best regards to you and all the flatters, and once again congratulations on the splendid work that you have accomplished. Allan De K
  • Congrats to Everard & to you for good job done.Yes,you had better slow down,but who will take over? Ranee J
  • May I state publicly of the wonderful & inspiring effort in establishing the website that brought back excellent & tearful memories of the " good ole days " at the Bamba flats & elsewhere..CONGRATULATIONS & HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY.
  • You have done a marvellous job bringing the latters together and I can relate to your efforts. Dinty R
  • Kumar you are doing a fantastic job - I will be over in Oz next june I will be able to meet you and thank you personally for this fabulous ''keep in touch'' website. Tony H
  • All the best & eforts you have put to this site on the right track,how many who were looking for their loved ones were in a position to geteogether,hope all is well with you,and wish you could continue with the baton unchanged. Baratha M
  • Your above mail noted and congratulations for what you started and is continuing to keep the flatters together. No doubt it is a labour of love from you and hats off for that. Sriantha R
  • Thanks for your hard work in keeping the flatters website going. Cheryl P
  • A job well done & keep the flag flying. thanks a lot. no other words can say. God Bless you. Wimal S
  • Lets share our 'Happy Birthday'., and I am Happy to be a Flatter till my dying day. don't give up as your loves labour will be lost. Trevor J
  • Congratulations to you for your untiring efforts in bringing the flatters together in so many ways. It must be a labour of love for you indeed, and we are all grateful for the work and hours you have put in and continue to do. Please know that it is most appreciated. Sweeny K
  • Congratulations! its your inspiration and vision to create this amazing website Kevin C
  • I sincerely thank you for your great effort,bringing the Flatters together,although I am not a born & bred Flatter. Please do keep up the good works,whenever you find & have the time. Raju B
  • Tks. Kumar for your e’mail. Yes you have done a great job and we do appreciate it very very much. Devika J

  • I have read some of the compliments which others have paid to you on the 'Flatters' web site. I thought that I would like to add my own comments. Thank you for bringing back the memories of those happy times. Thanks for constructing the web site and making it so accessible. It has made me so happy to see the photos and read the comments of others who were there. They were indeed very happy times for me. Many thanks and best wishes always, Theone Mason (nee Hughes) 14/08/2012
  • Many thanks for keeping us informed. Your kind service to the Bamba flats community is sincerely appreciated. Capt. Nimal J 01/01/2012

The following Testimonials relate to The Greatest Flatters and Friends Get-together

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  • Thanks a million for what you have done! This was a mammoth task. Words alone cannot describe our sincere thanks! We must keep this going, even if we can meet once a year at a small social gathering to keep the memento alive. Thanks once again Kumar for all the wonderful work you have done! Allan De K 18/03/11
  • What an amazing event. Mohan B 16/03/11
  • Yes indeed you delivered everything and more.It was a blast and we are glad we did not miss one moment of it. The smiles were warm, the hugs were genuine and the exchange of memories was quite emotional. Thank you to you and your team, Andi, Everard, Dagmar, Tony, Astrid, Sheila and everyone else for the wonderful and tireless work that you guys put into making the occasion a great one. Milroy de S 16/03/11
  • It was a night to remember...and as Aussies would say, a night to die for!
    Seeing so many familiar faces...it was like walking back into the past! Thank You & Andi, Everard & Dagmar, Tony & Astrid and Sheila for making this wonderful and absolutely successful get-together! For sure, this will remain a lasting and wonderful memory in everyone's minds! Fiezul U. 16/03/11
  • CONGRATULATIONS ! On a great job done by all you guys. It was an excellent evening, and one which will be remembered by all and sundry, for the rest of their lives. I know what it is like when it comes to organizing such events, as I do it as a business and on a very regular basis. You guys were outstanding ! If anyone present whinged about anything, they would have rocks in their heads. The ambience, entertainment, food etc was second to none. Roger B 16/03/11
  • Just a short note to thank you for organising a wonderful night. Your hard work and efforts are greatly appreciated. Please convey thanks from the Whites of Perth to Everard and Tony as well. Hillary W 16/03/11
  • The dance was a great success!.Many , Many thanks for all the years of hard work that both of you have contributed unselfishly towards the Flatters reunion.
    The time, energy, passion and dedication that went with it. you have left very high standards and Bloody big shoes to fill.Thanks once again for rolling up your sleeves and just doing the job

    You most certainly did. I had the best time. Suzie de S 15/03/11
  • Just to say a big "Thank You" to you both for a great night. Conrad and I had a ball and we caught up with so many friends. You guys worked so hard and what an achievement!! Carina De S 15/03/11
  • Dear Kumar and the committee, It was a great night long to be remembered. Congratulations. Desmond De S 15/03/11
    Thank you for a great night ,and all your hard work .sad to see you retire from this. hope some on will keep this alive every few years. Vasanthi V 15/03/11
  • But well done for a great feat in organising such a well done gathering of the past. I must tell you I am normally critical of these type of events from an organisational point of view as I have witnessed some poor presentations in the past. However, this event must be given a AAA rating. From the seating, to the food, to the casual entry, the staff that were so friendly and helpfull and the music which was good. Yes you did promise the best and you delivered and for that I personally thank you and I am quite sure from what I have heard from others the sentiment is shared. So thank you again for all your effort and not forgetting those with you [the silent ones] with whom we both know it could never work. So well done mate. Good luck for the future and hopefully God-Willing we will meet again in the not too distant future. Darrell F 15/03/11
  • Congratulations on a job well done. What needs to be appreciated is a thankless job of 5-7 guys bringing 530 people from Bambalapitiya Flats to meet up at a very lively event. Ravi W 14/03/11
  • Firstly, my heartfelt congratulations for the good job done and no doubt everyone will remember the day years from now. Toni D 14/03/11
  • Congratulations on an excellent show. Got the info from others who were following the event.Good luck to who ever is taking over and I bet it will be a tall task considering the effort you put in personally.Sriantha R 14/03/11
  • Congratulation,very happy to hear that you reached you're goal, my heart was with all of your'll and feeling very sad that I could not be a part of it, Fauzia C 14/03/11
  • I should be the one thanking, It certainly was an experience of a lifetime I would have kicked myself if I had missed it, I nearly did. The flatters "do" may not ever be the same without your dedication but none the less we as flatters will always be there for a good time, the friends we made and had at the flats are etched in our minds (or the "DNA" as someone said) forever nothing can change that, like many others we were a happy family then and when we meet at an occasion such as this the smoldering Amber's are rekindled we go back to the beginning and it's always a pleasure to reconnect. I, a damn sentimental fool can vouch for that. Ajith A 14/03/11
  • Like all good things must come to an end one day you have decided to bring down the curtain on your involvement all I can say is thank you to both for your love and dedication to a cause that will never be forgotten.
  • Congratulations and a big thank you to you, and the organizing committee. An amazing job, and I can understand it the blood sweat and tears that went into this gala event. I would not have missed it for the world! Thanks once again buddy! So enjoyable event, that only happens once in a sort lifetime!! Allan De K 14/03/11
  • you did big time thank you so much rom the bottom of my heart we will miss you. Fione M 14/03/11
  • Many many thanks for all your help and the wonderful job that you have done all these years.You excelled yourself on Saturday so take a bow. You surely deserve this kudos. Due to you all the flatters were able to meet and catch up with old friends from all over. This wouldn't have happened if not for you and your dedication to get the flatters and friends up and running.Sorry that you are moving on but I am sure we will catch up sometime in the near future. Hedy F 14/03/11
  • Although I was NOT one of the attendees at the Flatters’Bbash I must truly congratulate you for primarily being a People Person par excellence. Throughout the preparations your untiring efforts at reaching out to people across continents has been. I’m certain, well noticed by thousands. Also your friendly and pleasant emails and concerns individually with many was `top stuff’. I have yet to have the pleasure of meeting up with you personally.
  • Aiyubowan..and ALL Blessings and Love to you and yours. Max G 14/03/11
  • What can one say but - Thanks - words are not enough! Jeffry vdD 14/03/11

    CONGRATULATIONS in pulling off this incredible event. I know for sure i missed out big time. You MUST hang in there. Please do convey my heartiest congrats. to the rest of the team, and my love and wishes to all the flatters who are still hanging out in Melbourne. Mervyn M 14/03/11
  • Hip Hip Hooray. You are an ispiration. For All Lankans in finding Unity. Rajan K 14/03/11
  • Congratulations on the delivery of your ( & others ) promise to the Flatters.We,the Mendis' regret that we missed a treat.Nonetheless,we are equally glad that our neighbours in the Flats were there from all over to enjoy the fabulous fellowship. Willie M 14/03/11
  • Congratulations on a spectacular night.
    Thank you for all the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into the past 18 years of steering the Flatters to a great evening. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and haven't stopped talking about it!! A big thank you to Andi for being such a brilliant supporter. Thanks too to Everard and Tony for all their time and effort. Erin De Z 13/03/11

    It was a Great Night and let me congratulate you and the Committee for the Fantastic Dinner Dance put to-gether by you.on the 12th night at the S'vale Town Hall.I know how much has been taken out of you over the years been involved in the Flatters affairs here in Melbourne and elsewhere involving our fellow flatters now spread all over the World. If its your decision to call it a day and hand the batton to someone else all I could say is Well Done and Best of Luck in your future endeavours and love to your dear wife and the rest of the Bhagwandas clan I hold so dear. Kumar you are a Man of your Word and I respect you for that. Trevor J 13/03/11
  • All of us old and new flatters thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the work u have done for many years. It is not a easy task even the very idea of getting all the people interested and united as flatters I hope the flatters in Melbourn will honor u in the most fitting manner, and We flatters in the entire universe say " Ayubowan" and salute you for flying the flatters flag high.God Bless you and your family my best wishes Lucky R 13/03/11
  • Thank you for a memorable night. I caught up with several friends from the past and it was a terrific experience. Hope I can make it to future get togethers.Suzie De S 13/03/11
  • congrats that the greatest event of the flatters was a great big success and glad you guyz had a ball. Kamy L 13/03/11
  • ... Sorry I missed the event, but I had friends over there last night messaging me and letting me know that they were having a blast. Congratulations on a job well done. Nilufer C. 13/03/11
  • Congratulations on this successful event! Well done and all the credit goes to your hard work that you put in and the team that helped you. Yaso W. 13/03/11
  • "YES" the COMMITTEE delivered what they promised. It was a night I will remember for the rest of my journey through this world and I am sure all who attended will do the same. Pamela S 13/03/11
  • Ayubowan, and ayubowan squared. Anslem P 13/03/11
  • Heartiest congratulations on a job well done. I have already got the good news of the success of your hard work. I am highly disappointed that I could not make it and this was due to pressure of work but however I will make a trip down under to visit all of you. Once again congrats. Thaku C 13/03/11

    Great job Kumar. I am sure everyone must have had a ball. wish we were there. Fazli S 13/03/11
  • All the Very Best to You and Your Splendid Team for this momentous occasion. Sherin D 12/03/11

  • Many thanks for the update. I don't think there is another community in the world like our Flatters community....especially to have a community based website with a diverse group of members from around the world. You should look into submitting this association to the Guinness Book of World records. Your tireless efforts need to be further recognized...I'll research as well...if you would like me to... My best to all. Dilly. 07/02/11
  • Super stuff man. You guys are doing a great job. Fazli 06/02/11
  • I did visit the website and it is definitely better/faster now. Thank you very much for all your hard work. Nimal J 26/01/11
  • Thanks for this. You have certainly put a lot of thought and effort to establishing this website and the various content. Sherin Dawoodbhoy (nee Haniffa) told me about the website almost a year ago and I am truly ashamed to say that I took this long to register. Charmaine S 26/01/11
  • Thankyou v.much Kumar. It was fantastic. I really wentdown memory lane, looking at all the old flatters in the photograph page. You are a genius. And many tks for all the effort that has gone to give this fantastic gift to us. We do really appreciate it v.much. Devika J 24/01/11
  • Thanks for your detailed instructions about the web site. I can't believe I am corresponding with some one whom I knew as a little girl. You are doing such a great job and hats off to your efforts in trying hard to bring the flatters together. Yaso 24/01/11
  • What a wonderful site it is. You must be so proud, that you have got so many people together. I emailed Louise Brown, who I have known for years, her sister taught me the piano, and she got in touch which was lovely.Can not thank you enough. Shirani P 24/01/11
  • Thanks very much for the great work you do on behalf of all of us-flatters. You flatter us ! Sarath R 23/01/11
  • i love it Kumar.so much easier to navigate and well organized.superb job. Suresh A 23/01/11
  • Thanks for keeping this spirit going. David F 22/01/11
  • Reading all the testimonials one can see how much your tireless work will always beappreciated for giving us our own flatters platform to be in touch and find old friends and aquaintances. Carl F. 22/01/11
  • I do enjoy visiting the Flatters website and have made contact with an old school friend Khazeena Cassim thru her sister Fauzia. We now communicate regularly – thanks to your website. Sandra F 07/01/11
  • Thanks for all the hard work that goes into organizing such an evening, I do relate because my wife and I run a Ballroom dance once a month and it all takes so much time and effort. So from someone like who understands , you know we appreciate it all. Norman de S 06/01/11
  • Thank you for such a lovely gift you gave us Flatters. My heart went back to the good old days and the beautiful ppl we lived and grew up with. These are such precious memories we are fortunate to carry with us for the rest of our lives. You are doing such a good job and connecting long lost friends. God bless and Happy New year Girlie P. 06/01/2011
  • Enjoyed checking out the flatter photos. Hedy 31/12/2010
  • I had a look at the previous flatters video a few days ago - I have lost count of the number of times I have watched it, its just pure nostalgia, and L Block and the flat we lived in, features quite a lot in the video.I also just had a look at the Friends for Life video - a very appropriate name too. because this is exactly how it is with the flatters I still keep in touch with - there is just a very strong bond. Aloma P 30/12/2010
  • Much appreciate your work in updating the Bambalapitiya websites news. Chelvashan 30/12/2010
  • thank you ever so much for every thing that you have tirelessly done and achieved for all flatters. Kevin C 29/12/2010
  • Thank you soooo much for that masterpiece of workmanship; it is something of value and nostalgia. Thank you so much for taking all that trouble. Thank you to you again for this video. Everyone who views it will realize the extent of your workmanship. Sherin D 28/12/2010
  • Keep up the good work, love seeing the photos of the past and present flatters. Shirani P (UK) 28/12/2010
  • I just viewed the Friends forLife video and you have done a superb job – as usual.Thank you so much for all the hard work you have done in bringing this all together. Dawn P 28/12/2010
  • Thanks for the Beautiful Video.It is well put together and i am sure will bring back good memories for many who view it. Everard H 28/12/2010
  • You have done such a splendid job with the flatters website. Well done buddy. Allan De K 21/11/10
  • You have done an excellent work by creating this website. Ajmal 30/10/10
  • So good of you to have this page created. Thanks a lot. Savithri R 24/10/10
  • Thank you for creating the best ever site for all the flatters. This brings back memories of the best days of my life. The best place on earth to grow up. You have given us the opportunity to re-connect with all our old friends. So THANK YOU. 10/10/10 Ajith S
  • Thanks for doing such a good job. Marlene K 08/10/10
  • Thanks for setting up the website. Sandra F 08/10/10
  • Thank you & well done for the fabulous Job you are doing. Jayo S 03/10/10
  • Great job with the site. Aloma P 01/10/10
  • you deserve a medal for what you have done, bringing friends together from around the world. All I can say is "Thanks mate" sorry, what mate "machaung" 14/08/10 Ajit A
  • thanks very much - i've taken a tour of the flatters website and enjoyed seeing pictures of yester year and yester-folk! plenty of memories which came alive after visiting the website... i enjoyed the video too. thanks for putting this together - you've done a great job! Amrita U 07/08/10
  • Congratulations! Great job well done. 21/07/10 Fazli
  • Congrats and well done! I was told by Christopher that you were the guy behind all this. 21/07/10 Sriantha R
  • Heartiest Congratulations to you. 21/07/10 Thaku
  • I must say that its you, who should be thanked ever so graciously by every flatter that exist for the wonderful vision, patience and tenacity to do all the hard yards for this web site, you done one hell of a great job mate!.
    Congratulations and many thanks for all what you have done, for bringing all these flatters together as a wonderful community. 22/07/10 Kevin C
  • This is brief but comes with immense gratitude. 22/07/10 Mohan B
  • Congratulations and all the best. Good job on the website and will forward to flatters. 22/07/10 Rukmal A

    I want to say it is a wonderful feeling that the trouble and energy put into this "bambalapitiyaflats.com" page has proved to be worth it. The success is tremendous and rewarding. 22/07/10 Sherin D
  • Congratulations on a great achievement - really wonderful!!! I've been spreading the message far and wide about the website. 22/07/10 Marlene K
  • You gave birth to this baby – so I hope you feel proud of your creation reaching this stage!!! The work you have done on this “brain child’ is nothing short of amazing so Brava!!! Bravo!! And Hurrah to you my friend. I salute you on behalf of all the people to whose lives you have brought joy and nostalgia!!! 22/07/10 Yolande E
  • thanks for this fantastic job that u r doing with the website. You have done a great thing here and it is truly appreciated. It's a great opportunity for us to "re link" with old friends whom i havent seen the last 30 yrs. Thanks for the wonderful memories that brings tears to my ears.congratulations and well done. 22/07/10 Kamy L
  • Congratulations to you and everyone connected with the web site on the celebration of its 1st anniversary. It sure is a tremendous job. 22/07/10 Herman G
  • Congratulations on the 1stanniversary and thank you for the hard work. 24/07/10 Nimal J
  • Keep up the wonderful work you are doing and if I did not say it already I appreciate it very much. 28/07/10 Girlie P
  • Thank you for reviving our fond memories. Best wishes. 27/07/10 Theone M (H)
  • Thanks so very much for all the hard work you put into keeping all the “flatters” updated with news, video clips and photographs. It has stirred up so many, many memories. You have done a great thing here and it is truly appreciated. I also like to take this opportunity to thank you for the tribute you kindly set up for my Mother. As a result I have had a number of calls from friends of the family who were unaware of Mum’s passing. So, again I say, thank you. Wendy (C) W. 12/07/10
  • Thank you for extending this wonderful networking connection to all of us who have decided to live outside the country of our birth. This monumental heartfelt, selfless volunteering has brought me tremendous joy. I am so grateful we can celebrate this momentous occasion (Bambalapitiyaflats.com's first Birthday) from all corners of the world. Congratulations. Sherin D 11/07/10

    Thanks so much for going to all the trouble of setting up the flatters website. What a brilliant idea and you have done an exceptional job. Wendy W 29/06/10
  • Thank you so much for fixing my problem and letting me have a sticky beek into all the past flatters photo's.
    They were absolutley Brilliant, what an amazing job you have done putting them together.
    Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to visit and get in touch with some of my old friends and they have responded too. Thank god for who ever invented e-mails.
    Great Job man!!!! Kumar S. 17/06/10
  • Congrats on a great website. Hamish S. 16/06/10

    i have to say that since i first joined this wonderful site it has grown to incredible heights.the links the navigation all of it is just fabulous thanks to your great work.i have hooked up with some old friends via email through this site and man looking at the pics i am reliving my youth.the Bamba Flats what a place to grow up in.in this vast world only a very select group know what the term "flatter" means.thanks for rekindling some old and wonderful memories for me. Suresh A. 16/05/10
  • Thanks again for all you do. 07/02/2010 Dilly P
  • You have done a wonderful job on the website – congratulations and well done. Shri A 07/02/2010
  • its surreal to be a part of the 'flatters' community again - even in the virtual world. Looks like you've put a lot of work into this so kudos to you ! 15/01/2010 Valleri B
  • Good work. Brings back good old memories.Shiva 05/01/2010
  • have to commend you for doing a great job and taking the initiative to take on this project - Kevin C. 23/07/2009
  • Awesome, Nice job, keep up the good work! - Tilak R. 24/07/2009
  • Brilliant - Rosie B 27/07/2009
  • nice job done regarding the flats - Kamy L. 01/08/2009
  • What a great idea. I will pass this onto the other flatters i know. - Dawn M 04/08/2009
  • let me thank you very much for a great job done.It's a great opportunity for us to "re link" with old friends. Capt. L N J 05/08/2009
  • You have done an amazing job – you are one clever cookie. Dawn called me last night bubbling over with excitement, at your project.. - Yolande E. 06/08/2009
  • I just want to tell you that you've done a terrific job with this site. Congrats!!! Can't wait till the others fill in their details so we can catch up on old times. I'll make sure to forward the link to as many other 'flatters' so they can do the needful to keep this going. Great guns!! - Felicia A 08/08/2009
  • It is such a great idea to keep in touch. Hope we will have a great response from all the flatters. Carmen W 08/08/2009
  • Congratulations for giving us a great website. It was such a joy to see a very well put together website. - Roshie U. 23/08/2009
  • An excellent web-site, congratulations.We should now try to get it populated as soon as possible - Delano U. - 26/08/2009
  • The website is very professional. I think if you could add a blog page, it will be complete - Sarhda 03/09/2009
  • You have done a fantastic job of collecting info about all the Flatters who lived during sixties to seventies. - Shan C S 11/09/2009
  • Great Job done..keep up the good work - Jagath P 13/09/2009
  • Bravo! great to see a site for Bambalapitiya Flats. - Girlie W 13/09/2009
  • I got the details through a friend living in Dubai yesterday and I registered immediately. - 15/09/2009
  • Thanks once again for your initiative and effort in this regard. It is truly nostalgic to see 'old faces' once again and photographs of the Flats in the 50's, 60's and 70's. delano U. 19/09/2009
  • U r doing a great work - Mangala J 20/09/2009
  • it has certainly brought back some of the best memories... nostalgia is to it highest! Thank you very much for your efforts to get this going. - Dilly P 20/09/2009
  • You are doing excellent work of bringing the flatters together. Good to see your family. I will send some photos. Skanda 20/09/2009
  • Congratulations on Flatters Web.Great work.I sure will forward this mail to anyone I know! - Najo L 20/09/2009
  • let me thank you for the great effort that you've put into this project and "HURRAY' for the milestone reached. I will definitely send word around and make sure all of whom I know have registered. - Sandy W 20/09/2009
  • Congratulations. Great Work….. well done! Ruki B 21/09/2009
  • Its great to see all the photos. I havn't seen these people in over 30 years - amazing - Dawn M 22/09/2009
  • congratulations! splendid effort, this will no doubt grow to be big! really appreciate your hard work! Naresh 28/09/2009
  • I like to let you know that I really appreciate and thank you for creating this web site. I found a good old friend of mine through this web site. Kalamohan 28/09/2009
  • Fantastic, great job - Fione P. 28/09/2009
  • Fantastic, great job - Aloma K 28/09/2009
  • I am really fascinated by the website you have created and the effort put into it is great. I am sure Mohan has made a contribution to this wonderful website? I almost feel I am back again with you guys again. Suren W 29/09/2009
  • Thanks, you are doing a terrific job - 30/09/2009 Felicia A
  • Firstly let me Congratulate YOU and the rest of "The Clan" on an ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC job in setting up this website.It is really an amazing feat and you deserve all the praise for persevering on this near impossible task.As the saying goes "Nothing Is Impossible" however if one is to achieve anything then there has to be someone with a commitment to succeed and in this case that someone is YOU.So once again Well Done - Everard H 30/09/2009
  • Thanks for the memories - Nandani R 18/11/2009
  • Thank you, you gave us wonderful gift for X'mas I really felt very home sick, can't imagine that after all these years (33 years) I still feel home sick for the Bambalapitiya flats. Those were the days, we will remember for LIFE. Actually the roots that were planted in the Flats will remain in our hearts for ever. Girlie P 31/12/2009
  • The video was fantastic. My congrats to your son Rohan and Kevin. It defenietly brought back so many fond memories and nostalgia. Oh man; Mervyn M 25/12/2009
  • Thanks very much for a wonderful video and thanks for all what you do for this group through out the year. We are in your debt. Sarath R 25/12/2009
  • thanks so much for this most wonderful chirstmas present which i appriciate very much. tears came to my eyes when i went through the pics - Kamy L 25/12/2009
  • I really enjoyed watching the bamba flats video. I was thinking of the good old days I was in SriLanka.When I saw the flats park where I used to play with my friends and my cousins I was nearly in tears. Sukhanya S 25/12/2009
  • I watched the video & i was in tears. I was so happy to see the places where i grew up and played since i was a kid. - Kalamohan 26/12/2009
  • oh my goodness, it brought back so many good memories and I was practically in tears (got a bit emotional ha ha). - Sandy W 26/12/2009
  • Simply brilliant!!!!just loved it.Well done - Christo A 28/12/2009
  • Thanks for the wonderful memories. You sent it to me on the right day, it was my birthday. I really enjoyed the video, - Thaku 28/12/2009
  • Thank you, its beautiful going down memory lane, its so long since I left SL, and havent been back for 20 years. Well done - shirani P 29/12/2009
  • Fantastic,fantastic,fantastic. No more to say. - Anslem P 29/12/2009
  • I keep on playing the video it sure brings back those golden memories and silver tears!!!Christo A 31/12/2009