Tribute to Bala

Tribute To Bala


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Bala with Mohan and Ronnie Taken in the 60's

Following Messages of Condolence was received:

  • It is indeed a sad time when u here such news of people who grew within a community u lived and shared so many fond memories. Please pass on my Deepest sympathy to Bala's family . - Kumar Selvadurai
  • I'm so sorry to hear about his demise I paid him a visit in 2014 and spent a long time reminiscing about old times. He was smoking a lot what else could he do with his time. He seemed very happy and content with his family. Please do include me in the condolence list. He was a genuine nice guy no doubt . I remember having kite making competition with Bala/Raju combination. I made a fishtail kite to reach the roof of the garage 10' tall top to bottom. They beat me with a snake kite nearly 20' long, hardly fair!!! I am really sorry about the news. - Ajit Abey
  • My heart felt condolence to his family. It is very sad to hear this news. My childhood memory was that Bala was my leader. His left arm bowling made to bowl left arm spin. He not only played cricket at Bamba flats, but also was a leading wicket taker at Colombo Hindu college Ratmalana. His football talent as a goal shooter and his deep sea diving and shooting fish was made him as a leader to youngsters like us. Only few us know that he also had a brain for Maths and had distinction in GCE(O/L). Remember the childhood days we played Police and cops along with Bala and Raju and then building camp out of stolen gunnies near the beach. What a wonderful days we had with bala. Even when I was holidaying at Bamba flats in November 2015, when I was passing his place, (the old house which was dilapidated), I was thinking about Bala and his family. May his soul rest in peace.- Appuchchi (Rama)
  • I recall Bala very a terrific fast bowler and a very fast runner in the field. So sorry to hear about his demise. Please pass on my deepest condolences and sympathies to his family. Warm regards. - Bertie Mendis
  • Please accept our deepest sympathies on the demise of Bala. may he rest in peace. - fazli & family / riyadh, ksa
  • My deepest sympathy's to the family members. - Chethiya
  • Please convey our Deepest Condolence to the family. - Rukmal
  • I have lost touch with them over the years , but Bala was the one who did not study but was the dare devil but good as GOLD. Please convey my deepest sympathies and keep me informed of any news you get of Bala. - Trevor Jayetileke
  • Yes it is SAD news indeed. I will always remember BALA for his wonderful gift of sportsmanship. As much as he terrified batsman with his unique bowling action and speed(even playing soft ball cricket) he never really meant to injure anyone on purpose. His gift of Soccer skills too, were also well renowned and who could forget his LOVE for the sea from which he earned an Honest living. However it was this LOVE (DIVING) that eventually caused his stroke and finally his demise. Please convey our Sincere Condolences to his Family and let them know that their Father & Husband was a very well LOVED member of “The Bambalapitiya Flatters Family”. Rest In Peace Dear Friend. Sincerely, - Everard & Dagmar Hoffman
  • It is sad news indeed! Remember him diving with my brother Jon from time to time. Bit older than me, but played cricket behind H block etc... Please convey my condolences to the family. - Jeffrey Vanden Driesen - H2 ground floor.
  • Please convey, My Deepest Sympathies to Mr. G.S. Balakrishnan's Family. - Mithrani Mahadeva
  • So so sorry for the sad news. Please pass on my condolences. Allan de Kretser
  • I was introduced to Bala and his family by Mohan, when he asked us to look up his Bamba Flats friend after his diving accident that left him paralysed below the waist. We first saw him at the rehab hospital in Ragama. He was cheerful at a time when his youngest daughter, as I recall, was only 3 months old. One could not help but seek to be his friend, by nature that was him. Mohan, we, including my parents, my family and even several friends and my extended family who were given the opportunity of helping Bala and his family at a time of need are most grateful to you for that opportunity. We were and are blessed to have known them since, over the years, as friends. At least on two occassions when I was the conductor of the Unilever choir we went singing carols to the rehab ward where bala was a patient and about 100 of us spent time singing carols but also talking and giving gifts of toiletries etc that would have lasted them for at least 6 months. Contributions from Unilever as well as the lever family. As you know one could spend hours talking with Bala, one only needed to get him started and then for 90% of the time you listened as he spoke on nearly all the topics that interested YOU, while either lying in bed or on a wheel chair. Bala made it a point to see to the studies (homework and more) of his grandchildren each day. His bedroom certainly looked like a one class school. Will never find another like him nor like his family. That his elder daughter's son of, I believe 10 years, was diagnosed with cancer was a blow both to him and his wife. Their hearts were affected not just emotionally but physically ( organically). This I believe is what caused him to leave us early. When he got his second attack and found difficulty in breathing, his damaged heart could not overcome another. As a daughter told us, "It is a great loss to us". Even from bed he supported the family by seeing to the welfare of each of his grandchildren, 7 of them(?.) May his soul rest in PEACE. Hiran Fernando
  • Extremely sorry to hear the sad news. He was like an older brother to us when we were in Sri Lanka Yes It was good that we thought about him at Chriatmas. Kishore B
  • Please convey my condolences to Bala´s family. - Raju
  • Yes sad news indeed. Please convey our deepest sympathies to the late Bala's family. Milroy de Silva
  • Yes he was a charismatic teenager and we all had the pleasure of being part of his life and enjoyed the game we played with him. I met Bala's sister who lives in Manchester some time ago and reminisced our past fabulous neighbourhood. Recently caught up with Sanga (Thamby) from G Block and he was telling me how I could contact and see Bala through Ronnie. We are sad to lose him and from what I hear of his health and well being he must have had tough life since we all parted company. May his soul rest in peace. I would like to pass on my condolences to his dear family and we will miss him. Suren W
  • Really sad and was rather depressed when I heard about Bala. Great Guy! Sanga .
  • Was sorry to hear about Bala from H3. Remember him so well walking back from the sea with his bounty! Regards, Marlene
  • It is with deep sadness that I write on hearing of the passing of our dear friend Bala. To me, Bala was one of those uniquely beautiful people, generous in spirit, overflowing with warmth and always embracing life. It was in my second visit back to Sri Lanka in 1983 that I managed to track Bala down. Affected by the ‘Bends’ he had lost the use of his legs, resulting in the loss of his livelihood. Forced to live with his family in a small one room ‘shack’ a long way from away from Colombo he had no access to the use of a wheel chair. Yet when we talked there was not even a hint of self-pity. Rather he beamed with appreciation for my visit and curiosity about my life in Australia. As we spoke, what was amazing was that he went on to inform me that there had been severe bushfires around Melbourne and that Bob Hawke was now the leader of the Labor Party – information he had obtained from Radio Australia on his little transistor radio. His shack was small but not his heart, mind and spirit. Mohan Bhagwandas
  • My connection with Bala traces right back to my childhood. He was the best friend of my eldest brother Mohan and often spent time around our house and lobby. Most evenings a large group would gather sitting around the steps of the lobby. For me, it was Bala’s knee or lap that was my choice to sit – a safe and secure space. Later in my life, memories of these simple moments of contentment and sharing came to symbolise all that is wonderful about the experience of community life. In that life, love came not just via the direct line of your parents or grandparents but also from many people around you that shared love and nurtured you. Receiving love in this multi-dimensional way was an integral part of our childhood experience.As I close my eyes now I realise that you Bala, contributed to the richness of my childhood experience. In turn, these experiences set seeds that shaped the values and work of my later life. What you gave so simply, continues to live and has been passed on many times. Ranjit Bhagwandas