Tribute to Hearty


Tribute to Hearty Philips

We are heart broken and sad to lose our dear brother Hearty. Hearty as you know had a blood disorder and after two years of treatment they said his bone marrow was not working and had to get blood transfusion every other week. On 3/30/16 Hearty was taken to hospital and diagonised with pneumonia. On April 3rd he ad a stroke and was unconscious and never regained consciousness. The doctors were puzzled as to what had happened. Hearty was anointed by six priests and was surrounded by lots of friends and family. A few hours before he died the catholic bishop anointed Hearty and gave him the apostolic blessing. We were with Hearty all day praying the rosary and singing hymns in the intensive care unit.

All of his family and friends with him till he left us.

I am glad Hearty and I were able to attend atleast one of the flattteers reunion. We very often talk about the good old days in the bambalapitiya flats. Thank you all for all the prayers and love showered to Hearty. Love Therese

  • The Phillips family were a big part of my life as we lived next door to each other. Very sorry to hear the sad news of Hearty passing on. It was lovely meeting again when Hearty and sister Therese attended the last Melbourne Flatters get together. Hearty was one of the good guys. My love to the Phillips family, especially sisters Rita, Agatha, Emma and Therese and Hearty's sons and grandchildren. Erin de Zilwa
  • Pls convey our condolence to the family. Girlie Ponnampalam
  • It was sad to hear that Hearty passed away at such a tender age. Again a fit sportsman.

Yes please add me to the condolence list. I remember Hearty playing soccer he played in an attacking position & was good at it. He was also a sincere person with a terrific smile on his face all the time. Ajit A.

  • To Therese and the Phillips family

Please accept our sincere condolences on your sad loss. We will remember Hearty in our prayers. Sweeny Keuneman (née Senanayake)

  • Please send our deepest sympathies to Hearty Philips family, God's Blessings to all of them

in this time of sorrow and we will remember the Philips family in our prayers. Caryll, Desmond & Family

  • I heard the news about Hearty's death with great sadness. I knew Joe and Hearty very well during my growing up years in the early 60's. Very sad to hear his death at such an early age. I would like to convey my deepest sympathies to his family, siblings and friends. May his soul rest in peace.

Sanga ( Thamby, no 7, H block, 2nd Floor)

  • May Hearty RIP. Condolences from the Selvadurai Family !
  • I would like my Sincere Condolences passed on to Hearty’s Family. Even though I did not really know Hearty I still can feel the sadness of his Family, therefore as a Member of this Unique Group of Flatters I grieve with all the other Flatters on the passing of another of OUR OWN. May God Bless His Family and give them strength to progress from here as it is always difficult when a loved one is called back HOME. Sincerely, Everard & Dagmar Hoffman.
  • Please convey my condolences to Hearty's wife, children and extended family members on the sad loss. May Hearty R.I.P. Sherin Davoodbhoy/Block C, 2nd Fl.
  • To Hearty’s family and the rest of the Philips family , our deepest sympathies. Very sorry to hear of Hearty’s passing. RIP. From the White family in Perth, our thoughts are with you.
  • Please offer condolences from Silva Family no2 D block to Hearty's Family May he RIP . Thanks kind regards Sando
  • Hearty Domnic Philips a harden catholic. It sad to see a friend passed away at the age of 65+. A good friend of mine after leaving St Joesph, went Alexandra college. We played cricket and football together for “ GHK”. We enjoyed the teenage life at Bamba flats. Then he left with family to US and the contact slowly disappeared and now he has left us completely. May his soul Rest in Peace! Rama (Appuchchi)
  • Please extend my deepest sympathies to the Phillips family and say I was so pleased to meet some of them at our Dinner Dance in 2011. Trevor Jayetileke.
  • Please convey to Hearty Philips Family and Friends My Deepest Sympathies .Mithrani Mahadeva.

Message of Thanks from Therese

Thanks Kumar and all of Hearty's dear friends for the tribute. He was the most beautiful person God gave us.

We shared a lot of memories while he was alive. Brought back the good times we had . Thanks to all and especially for this web site. Will keep in touch. Marlene and Erin thanks for the good memories. God bless all of you and Hearty will continue to live in the hearts of all of us.

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