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Tribute to Raddy - L Block, Number 5, 1st. Floor.




Radcliffe Anthony Ferreira Tribute (Click Picture for Link)


Jerome Frugtneit & Nicky Nadarajah


Marco, Rebecca (daughter) & Raddy


Darryl & Raddy


Donavan (Late Dad) Charmaine (Sister) Lena (Mum) & Raddy


Raddy's band on Holland America - The Neptunes


Raddy in front of World Map on the MS Amsterdam


Raddy and Friends on board the MS Statendam


Raddy in Alaska on day leave


Raddy and George Benson

FERREIRA, RADCLIFFE (Raddy) ANTHONY ATHELSTONE. May 16, 2011. Late of Marsfield, Sydney, Australia, loving and devoted father of Rebecca, beloved son of Lena and the late Donovan, brother of Darryl and Charmaine, brother-in-law of Guinn, uncle to Karin and Brianna. Forever in our hearts within memory and music. The Holy Mass for RADDY will be celebrated at the Holy Spirit Catholic Church, 191, Cox’s Road, North Ryde, Wednesday (June 8, 2011) at 10 a.m. In lieu of flowers donoations are welcome to the Variety Children’s Charity. Simplicity Funerals Chatswood Link)

Radcliffe Anthony Ferreira

TRIBUTE – RADDY by Lena Ferreira (Mum)

Raddy was the most loving, devoted and obedient son to me and my late husband Donovan, a loving brother ot Darryl and Charmaine and brother-in-law to Guinn Ragel and a devoted father to his daughter Rebecca.

He started learning music at the age of 4 under Doreen De Lima in Sri Lanka and scored 96 marks in his first exam. He excelled in his studies too and when he reached Grade V, won the General Proficiency prize for his good work.

Raddy, my darling Son, I will miss you terribly, I love you dearly.

May Your Soul Rest in Peace


TRIBUTE – RADDY by Darryl Ferreira (Brother)

No farewell words were spoken,
no time to say goodbye, you were
gone before we knew it, and only
God knows why,

He proved to us that he only takes the best..

Thank you for being there for me my brother

Memories will last forever and I will cherish

the special musical moments we shared.

May Your Soul Rest in Peace.

TRIBUTE – RADDY FERREIRA by Guinn and Charmaine Ragel (BIL and Sister)

Raddy was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka, to Lena and the late Donovan Ferreira on 24 September, 1946. He was the eldest in the family of three siblings, the others being his brother Darryl and his sister Charmaine whom he fondly called little sister even until a day before he passed away. He has a daughter the love of his life, Rebecca.

Raddy grew up in the Bambalapitiya Flats in “L Block” and attended a leading catholic boys school in Colombo, St Peters College where he excelled in his music. He was quite a good cricketer as well in the younger grades but in later years his love for music took precedence.

After leaving school Raddy worked at Walkers and played in many popular dance bands eventually setting up his own Combo that went on to become the famous Raddy Ferreira Combo in Colombo.

He migrated to Melbourne in 1969 where he worked at Allans Music during the day and played music at nights with a band soon to move to Sydney to take up residency at the then famous Mandarin Night Club in the City centre working seven nights a week. It was during this time that Raddy made his mark on the international music stage meeting many dignitaries and playing and supporting many well known names in the music industry both locally and from abroad.

During a management change at the Mandarin Club Raddy was asked to set up his own band and this resulted in Raddy’s Mind, Body and Soul band which progressed in later years to be the Mind, Body and Soul 18 piece orchestra with Raddy as Pianist, conductor and leader of the orchestra.

Raddy then left the Mandarin Club to take up the prestigious position of Sydney Hilton’s musical director and pianist at the San Francisco Grill for 21 years. When the Hilton finally closed its doors for renovation Raddy’s loyalty, dedication and hard work was rewarded by an act of utmost generosity from the Hilton management when they presented him with the grand piano that he played on for many years.

Raddy then freelanced for the next few years with a stint on Captain Cook Cruises before landing the job on Holland America’s cruiseships as band leader/pianist until his passing.

During his time Raddy was associated with many big names in the entertainment world among them George Benson, Dionne Warwick, Johnny Farnham to name a few.

Raddy was so generous towards his family and friends and we know of numerous occasions where friends would drop in to see him at the San Fransisco Grill and he would host them to dinner or drinks. Since joining the Holland America cruise line he would tell Charmaine and myself “ You must come on board, I’ll arrange it for you, so if you fly to Hong Kong or Singapore, then we can all sail back to Sydney, and then you can get up and sing with me”. Sadly it wasn’t meant to be.

Raddy was a close friend to me (Guinn) and a mentor in the field of entertainment and I was priviledged to record an experimental CD with him which he called something special and memorable which I will always treasure.

Raddy had a special devotion to our very own Saint Mary of the Cross where he gave so much of his time musically and assisted on the feast days. He was a favourite with the sisters of the Chapel. To date his recorded organ music is being played in the Chapel.

As mentioned Raddy had a very positive outlook to life, he was always ready to help someone in need and to lighten their load, he had an infectious happiness and laugh that could change even the darkest mood in someone. He made many friends and he touched their lives in different ways. He brought joy and happiness to others with his performances.

Testimony to his utmost sincerity, friendship and love was the gathering at his funeral and the Wake comprising many talented musicians, family and friends that were so special to him, some of those friendships going back to his childhood days. There were many that came from interstate to honour this special gifted man.

We have truly lost a Master Musician, a humble loving and caring human being that made friends with many, easily, from different walks of life. We have lost a dear brother and friend. His memory will live on.

May His Soul Rest in Peace.

The Family have viewed your kind messages of condolence and memories of Raddy. On behalf of all of us, thank you for your posts. He is terribly missed and gave us the gift of his music which will live on always.

Rebecca, Lena, Charmaine and the Ferreira, Ragel and Pereira Family.

Bright Young Band Leader

In Ceylon entertainment world a new Bandleader Has emerged The Spotlight is on Radcliffe Ferreira young Raddy is only nineteen and he has been a professional musician for three years. Peterites of recent vintage will remember the young piano man who attracted no little attention wherever music was needed. At St Peter's there was a fife and Drum Band a Harmonica Band and a Dance Band more or less. The latter group got together to play for their own entertainment but could not get the onlookers to stop their feet from tapping. They played dance music,pop songs and experimented with creative playing in the sprit of Jazz. At that time Radcliffe was also mastering the Clarinet and Alto Sax.That was the backdrop to Radcliffe Ferreira's Musical Beginnings. In next to no time dance enthusiasts noted a young band with a distinctive sound and call themselves Arden Nelson Sextet under the leadership of a young Alto Sax player from whom we expect to heat much Raddy wrote many an enterprising arrangement for this group and in a little while the band was well known on the Commercial Service airlines as well as at some of the big dance bands in town. Pianist Ferreira did much for the progress of this young and talented group which included drummer Geoff Labrooy, Travis Kock and sena Seneviratne on Bass,Arden Nelson on Alto' Stanley Ranasinghe on Sax, Rodney Jansz on Electric Guitar who replaced Darrel De Silva and Radcliffe himself on Piano and diversified interests made Interests made it difficult for the sextet to proceed in one piece. Soon the guitar craze swept in and "The Fireflies" were reconstituted with some of the members of the Arden Nelson Sextet. By now Radcliffe had mastered the piano. the electric guitar saxophone,clarinet, piano Accordion,double bass and the electronic organ

Guitar sound

At this point, Harold Seneviratne wanted a guitar sound to his popular aggregation and Radcliffe Ferreira was the obvious choice having toured the country with Harold, Raddy found a berth with Earle Arnolda, and a new and profitable partnership had begun. Earle has launched into showbusiness in a big way, Those who know this live-wire know that he works with irrepressible and infectious zeal when he grabs an idea out of his cranium. Fun- loving people have now got the benefit of BA Entertainments Limited, Where Radcliffe works. This is where he starts as Bandleader in the big time sphere and a tremendous lot is expected of him while playing such a range of instruments, Radcliffe kept going with his studies in the theory and practice of music. Beginning at the age of four he passed every Trinity College examinations this stands him in excellent stead when it comes to arranging but that is not all. Radcliffe has some dynamic compositions to his credits at the moment these are in a top-secret drawer in the offices of B.A. Entertainment. but soon the entertainment world will hear talented young Badreen Musafer sing these originals.


Radcliffe is interested in dance music in all complexions of jazz in the pop field, in shows in the old nigger minstrel school in the lighter classics and he also sings and harmonizes his career in the field of music has been deeply influenced by his parents to whom he owes everything for his interest in his grandmother now in England who instilled in him the love of the old family piano his College Rectors who gave him unlimited encouragement and facilities his music teacher Mrs.Doreen De Lima of Wallawatte who has guided many a young enthusiast and all the other folks in the music world with whom he has associated but the dominating factor in his work is that he thoroughly enjoys himself this is the sprit he infuses into this fine young bunch of talented fun- loving but dusty-conscious lad. The group is bristling with ideas and enjoy a wonderful corporate fellowship which augurs well for the future as band leader it look like Raddy Ferreira has come to stay.

There is no doubt that his audiences will come with great expectations and they too will come to stay


May his sole Rest In Peace


Patrick Ranasinghe

Hi Patrick,

You have made a wonderful tribute to Raddy, he truly deserves this. As residents of Bamba Flats we trekked to college on a daily basis. The Ranchigoda brothers (Winston, Nihal, Lucky, and Maurice), Mendis brothers (Clarence, Willie, Bertie and Mervyn), Winston & Stafford Tambimuttu, Carl Fernando, Nihal Gunawardena, the late Carline Nugara, Yohan Cooke, Vernon & Russel Muller, Everard Hoffman, Gunasekara brothers (the late Elmo, Frankie and Herman), Mario Misso, and a few others. We were practically the same age group as Raddy and were very proud of him. He was one of the earliest to bloom and get famous from the flats. Arden was another gentleman to his finger tips though a Peterite did not live at the flats. So, the first band that Raddy played with Arden was a classy band. Raddy and Arden were always - the quintessential gentlemen.

Ofcourse I have not met Raddy since he emigrated to Australia in 1969 (I believe) and I followed soon after to Toronto (1974). But I have met Tyronne Le Mercier and Arden Nelson who live in Melbourne when they visited Toronto and I have kept in touch with a lot of our school mates who live in Australia. They all said Raddy had made it "big' in the music world but not lost the common touch. He remained very much glued to the ground and the same old friendly person that I recall.

Well, there is a saying that life is impermanent but death is permanent. We must therefore accept Raddy's passing with grief and pray for his soul to rest in peace!

My personal regards,

Upali Obeyesekere

Sri Lankan born, Sydney jazz pianist Raddy Ferreira, the much-loved musician dies - Ozlanka Article

PIANIST Raddy Ferreira, – well known and loved on the Sydney jazz scene, – has died after performing a set aboard the MS Veendam cruise liner soon after it left New York City.

The 65-year-old, who regularly performed at Double Bay’s Ritz Carlton, was musical director at Sydney’s Hilton Hotel and performed nightly at its San Francisco Grill for 21 years, suffered a heart attack in his cabin on May 16.

During an illustrious career spanning four decades, Ferreira accompanied Dionne Warwick and George Benson, toured with the Village People, composed for top artists including Marcia Hines and was musical director to John Farnham.

After moving to Australia from Ceylon in 1969, he played at major Melbourne venues and maintained a nightly residency at Sydney’s Mandarin Club for 11 years.

Ferreira, who set up the 20-piece Raddy Ferreira Orchestra, also maintained a residency role at the famous Rogues Nightclub in Sydney, playing late night at the Piano Bar with American blues
singer Coco York. His vast repertoire of easy listening and dining and dancing music covered various styles including jazz, blues, R ‘n B, ballroom and he performed music from numerous countries.

Prior to his death, Ferreira was band leader for Holland America Lines cruise ships MS Veendam and MS Amsterdam.

Bob Neale, a bassist on MS Amsterdam who performed with Ferreira, said: ‘‘He was a true professional, he knew how to read a crowd and play the right song at the right time to fill the floor.’’

Ferreira’s daughter Rebecca said her father was a gentleman and an ‘‘unshakeable love and life force’’.

Details of Ferreira’s funeral are being arranged and will on Ozlanka when available.

Responses from

Please convey my heartfelt condolences to Raddy's family, especially his brother Darrel whom I have known quite well...May his soul rest in peace.- Rumi Bathusha

i knew the man too and have played with him back in the old days in Colombo with Harold, Peter, Malcolm and gang. May God Bless his soul! - Fazli Sameer

Please do convey my deepest sympathies to the family. - Sriantha.Rajapakse

the Ponnampalam Family sends our deepest sympathies to the family - Girlie Ponnampalam

A great loss to the Flats family. He was a genuine friend. With much sorrow. Trevor Jayetileke

We will remember Raddy in prayers. Please pass on our Condolence to Raddy's family. John Selvadurai

Raddy and I used to walk to college from Bamba Flats. May his soul rest in peace! He was one of the nicest human beings in this planet. Despite his stardom he remained very much glued to the ground. Upali Obeysekera

I heard about it and was very sad indeed. He and I grew up together until he and the family migrated. Was hopeful of meeting him at the Flatters Get to-gether but sadly that did not materialise either.shall remember him in my prayers. Herman Gunesekera

Extremely sad, I cannot comprehend, he must be 60+ Blessings on all Raddy's family. Mohan Bhagwandas

Sorry to hear the sad news. May His Soul Rest In Peace. On behalf of my family, please accept our Deepest Sympathies. - Thaku Chugani

Please accept our deepest sympathies at this hour, our prayers are with you and your family Take Care n God Bless - Sandy Withanage

Raddy, Asoka & myself did some music recordings titled "Cotal half hour" when we were in our early teen years. I will pass this info to Asoka if I can locate him. I am sure this will shock him too. I last met him in Brisbane when he accompanied the Jetliners. All I can say is "he was a genius and a very pleasant person. - Ajit Abeyewardene

our deepest sympathies and say our prayers are with them! - Kumari Goonewardene

how sad – he certainly was a great musician - Dawn Pereira

I remember Raddy.He was a friend of my elder two brothers when he was living in the flats at 'L' Block. - Niranjan Nallaratam

Pls. convey my Deepest Sympathies to the bereaved family - Kalyani

Please convey my sympathies to his family. Sandra Nunez (Joseph)

please do convey my deepest sympathies - Kamy Lye

My deepest sympathies - Baratha Mendis

sorry to hear the sad news. Deepest Sympathies. - Shirani Perera

This is very sad news indeed. I use to play badminton with Raddy and his father behind L-block and we often walked together to St. Peter's. He will always be remembered as a great pianist.
Please convey my deepest sympathies, condolences and prayers to his family. - Bertie Mendis

I pray that his soul rests in peace and may eternal light always shine upon him. - Toni Duetrom

It is always a sad moment when news of this sort comes about a Flatter.Please convey our condolences to the family of Raddy. - Willie Mendis

Please take comfort that he had a good life & the gift of music.God is Good & full of Mercy I am sure he is now playing for the Lord! - Indra De Joodt

Sad news re Raddy Ferreira. - Everard Hoffman

My deepest sympathies. Sad to hear about the loss. May God Rest his soul. And may God give u comfort n peace. - Christine Hulbert

First a great human being and then one of the
greatest musicians SL ever produced.We all will miss him. I am proud to say he was
a great buddy of mine and his name was changed to DUKE by me.He wiill now be
playing for the angels for sure, He will Rest in peace. - Desmond de Silva

my condolences to the family and everyone who enjoyed his music, he will be missed by you as a vital cog in the machine...will pass on Our prayers will be with him and his family. - Melanie Ransom (White)

My sincere commiserations to the family of a true blue sri lankan. Geoffery Moreira

my deepest sympathies - Fauzia Cassim

So so sorry to hear of Raddy's passing away! My deepest sympathies - Allan de Kretser

My condolences - Priya Kumar

i do remember Rad. please convey our deepest sympathies to the family - Furkan Mansoor

my deepest sympathies to his family and friends - Ajith Subramaniam

he was also a classmate. God rest his soul. - Gary Pompeus

My deepest sympathies - David Martil

It is indeed sad news....

Raddy gave so many of us pleasure with his music.....All we can do is wish him a safe journey..Yolande Elias

My deepest sympathies - Yamuna Perera

Saddened to hear of Raddy's sudden death. I remember the Ferreira family very well having lived in L block during the time when the Ferreira's lived there. Raddy would have been in the friendship group with my eldest brother Suri and similarly Darryl with my other brother Chandran. I had not realised what a great musician Raddy was. I feel proud and honoured to have known him. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family. - Naresh Williams

Being a fellow ‘L’ blocker, I used to bump into Raddy very often. He would always have polite , gentle conversation. He was always a thorough gent and in fact I met him at the Mandarin , a couple of times and as usual he was very hospitable.Our deepest sympathies. - Iqbal Fuad

Raddy Ferreira was in my opinion the most multi talented complete musician Sri Lanka has produced.It is our collective loss when he passed away doing what he loved and excelled in. I got to know him when we were only allowed to wear shorts. Slacks or longs as they were then known came much later for both us. I Followed his exploits in Australia where he migrated to.As fate would have it our paths were to cross in 1984 when Raddy conducted his 12 piece band
when they backed me in Melbourne.Meeting him and also working with him was and will be a privilege I will treasure .Duke as I had named him was a true friend and most of all a gentleman. We all will truly miss you my friend - Desmond De Silva