Tribute to Sonna

Tribute to Sonna Ponnampalam


Sonna Ponnampalam

Passed away in SL on Dec 13 2013.

Following are a list of Condolence Messages

It is with utmost sorrow and untold sadness that I am informing u that my dear older brother Sonna Ponnampalam passed away in SL on Dec 13 2013. I went for the funeral which was on Dec 18 and returned to Canada. We as a family is still feeling the loss of my dear brother Navam and it's hard to accept Sonna's passing too. I was born in the middle of these two late brothers and I feel so lost and left behind. No words can express what we feel in losing my dear brothers so early in life. Girlie

  • I am sorry to learn about the demise of Sonna. We all grew up in the same Block I & the Ponnambalams were very well known to all flatters. Please pass on our sincere Condolance to Girlie, Bala & Yoga From the Selvadurai. Family.
  • Sonna was a very nice guy and I will always remember him the way I knew him when I was at the flats. I did not know of Navam’s passing away earlier.Maybe I heard of it but we are starting to forget quite easily.
  • Please do convey to the family especially the sister my deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolences. What we can all do now is to pray for their souls to rest in peace and may the good lord comfort the family that is suffering with this loss.

With warm regards, Yours very truly, Sriantha.

  • "....Please convey my deepest sympathies to Girlie and other members of the Ponnampalam family from "I" Block". ....Sherin Davoodbhoy/Block C,2nd Fl.
  • Please pass on my deepest sympathies to Girlie. Trevor Jayetileke
  • Please do convey my deepest sympathies to Girlie, Bala and the rest of the family. Remember Sonna very well and we did have a lot of fun and still carry a lot of memorable moments. May his soul rest in peace. Mervyn Mendis
  • Please convey my deepest sympathies to the family. I know the them very well. Sonna, Navam , Bala, Jeevy and the parents. Regards Rukmal
  • please accept my deepest sympathies.--to Jean and the children and Girlie and the rest of the family.--Ranee Sellayah
  • Please convey Family Ponnampalam my deepest sympathies & condolences. Take care, Raju. (Bahaudeen)
  • Please convey our Deepest Sympathies to the entire PONNAMPALAM FAMILY on their SAD LOSS. I can well remember Sonna and I now feel SAD that I used to annoy him from time to time as he passed our flat at F Block on his way up to the top of Galle Road. Sonna had a fiery temper but that was only short lived and an outward defence mechanism to show us kids who were younger than him that he was in charge. Yes Fond memories of a Nice Guy who I’m sure the entire Flatters Family will remember Him and His Family in prayer. Thanks for the Memories and our hearts go out to Navam, Girlie, Bala, Jeewy, Yogan and Mrs PONNAMPALAM. Sincerely, Everard Hoffman (Block F)
  • Thank you for the Info & Please convey our Deepest Sympathies to Sonna's Family & the Ponnampalam Family. Jayo Seladurai