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Have you wondered what ever happened to the good friends you spent time with at the Bambalapitiya Flats 50/40/30/20 or 10 years ago?

This website is re-connecting flatters and friends from all 4 corners of the world

The 374 Flatters and Friends who are currently registered on this site have access to contact details of all the other registered Flatters and friends. The Alphabetical list of names makes it easy to locate that special friend. There are 17 pages of photographs, some current and some going back to the 1950's and some in between.

Recent additions to the website include the Greatest Flatters Get-together video in 5 chapters, pictures taken at the Greatest Flatters and Friends Get-together and Casual Monday at The Jacaranda Tree, contributed by Kevin Clogstoun, Anslem Pereira, Indra de Joodt and Shri Abeyewardene. You also find yourself going down memory lane when you click on the Wellawatte/Bambalapitiya pics page.

The video, 'Bambalapitiya Flats by Kevin Clogstoun' has had exceptional feedback with a number of flatters experiencing quite emotional feelings of nostalgia while watching it. Recently another video 'Friends for Life' has been added to the 'Rail works to Upcountry Sri Lanka'.

To be part of this exciting re-connection of friendships made so many years ago, go to the login section and register your details.

Bambalapitiya Flats by Mohan Bhagwandas

The words ‘Bambalapitiya flats’, or ‘flatters’ for a Sri Lankan who was aged between six and sixteen in the 1950s and 1960s and for their parents - where ever they are on this planet today - will conjure up a wellspring of emotions, memories and stories.

This experience is made ever so poignant because, nearly every family barring a few from that era, have migrated to the far corners of the world.

‘The flats’ as it is affectionately referred to by this far flung diaspora, brought together some 250 families, about 1,200 people, occupying 15 ‘blocks’ of flats, into a human experience that is etched into the DNA of every ‘flatter’.

Every religion, race, language, creed and colour mingled to form a crucible of human interaction, where almost everyone knew each other by their first name.

Only the ‘flatters’ know the remarkable power of a community that is bonded together in the celebration of life, in a cacophony of unspoilt fun and laughter. The first thing ‘flatters’ do when they meet, is to burst out into spontaneous laughter!

Cricket matches, badminton tournaments, film-shows, police and robbers, camps, sea-baths, diving, spear-fishing, kite competitions, ‘rugger’, football – all this and more was the stage and we, an amazing close knit community, were the star players.

Following several landmark ‘flatters’ gatherings in Melbourne, Australia, the web site, is an attempt to re-ignite the spirit of the flatters.

In so doing we affirm, no matter where we are, that we as Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and Burghers, are but one people, fortunate to have been born on an Island of exquisite beauty and charm. May we and the next generation visit this site and capture the dreams of a Sri Lanka of yesterday and a new Sri Lanka of tomorrow.


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Bambalapitiya Flats